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Coaches, Healers, Consultants and Other Solopreneurs:

  • Are you passionate about what you do to help people but feel confused when it comes to building your small business and marketing yourself effectively, simply and authentically?

  • Do you know in your heart what you do for your clients but don’t know how to explain it to others in a way they’ll understand it too?

  • Are you having a hard time seeing what makes you and your services remarkable and unique and unlike anyone else in your field?

  • Are you in desperate need of CLARITY?
Life On Track

You CAN Turn Your Passion For Helping People
Into a One-Of-Its-Kind 6-Figure+ Business!


Here's one secret: If you identify what makes you a “one and only” and focus on building your business around that uniqueness, you will attract more clients, money, recognition and many other types of good fortune!

There really is a HOW TO and MAGIC to Turning Your Passions and Purpose Into Profits! You can easily learn the HOW TO's like business models and marketing and you already have the MAGIC because the magic is YOU.


CLICK HERE to find out how to Build Your Business Around Your Brilliance™ so you can start helping more people and making more money doing the exact work you are here on earth to do!

To Your Brilliance and Success,

Cari Vollmer


med spiral.jpgCari Vollmer
Your Passion into Profit Mentor
Creator of the Passion into Profit Blueprint™


Just like a spiral radiates out from a CORE, your business should reflect YOUR core. When it does your business becomes an authentic reflection of YOU and is filled with your love and light. This is what will help you position yourself as a "one and only" in your field.


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Jackie Levin“If you are considering working with Cari to help grow your business, my advice to you is go for it! Don't look back! She is warm, smart, kind, extremely intuitive and she trusts that intuition. She is the perfect balance of Spirit and practicality.”

"Before working with Cari I had some clarity about who my ideal clients were and what my message was. I knew inside me what I did for my clients, I just didn't know how to say it in a way that others would understand it and I didn't sound so Woo Woo! I knew I was close to getting a bigger picture, I just didn't know what to do next to see that picture. I felt very frustrated and often times wanted to give up.

Now I am able to clearly share my message with the people who want to hear it! I am able to articulate the right words to explain what I do and how I help my clients in a concrete way that sends a professional practical message.”

Aimee Yawnick
Needham, MA

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Jackie Levin"I finally found the missing piece to growing my business.”

“Make the investment! There are a lot of programs out there that promise to help grow your business, but this program actually got into the nuts and bolts and had the process that so many other programs do not offer.

For me, the most helpful part of the program was defining my gifts and talents, core philosophy and core business purpose. I had, what I would have said, a "pretty good" idea of my business before the class, or so I thought. When I got this additional CLARITY my focus changed and I felt my business pop.”

Christine Laureano
Hampton Bays, NY

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Jackie Levin"In just 9 short months, since starting to work with Cari, my sales have already increased 60%!"

"Before I started working with Cari, I felt bombarded with what all the "experts" were saying. I felt pulled in a lot of different directions. I thought I knew some things I needed to do to help my business grow. I decided to work with Cari to get direction and personal guidance on what steps I should take in business. I was hesitant to make the financial commitment, but I felt in my heart that it was the right thing to do.

Working with Cari has completely transformed my business. She not only helped my business blossom into a new stronger brand, but she helped me weed through all the "should dos" for my business to choose the things that would bring me more business and income. She constantly pushes me to new levels that I never imagined I was capable of.

Deb Brown
Lakeville, MN

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Jackie Levin"Since working with Cari I have launched my first LIVE workshop, doing the EXACT work I am here on earth to do. Through her guidance I was able to step into my BRILLIANCE and do something I was unable to do on my own over the last two years. This is just the beginning for me and I can't wait to see what's next!

Thanks Cari, from the bottom of my heart. You have made ALL the difference for me in my belief for myself and my business. THANK YOU!"

Liz Kearns
Farmington Hills, MI

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